Loans and Credit Services

Small and Medium Enterprise Loan

Loan designed for funding of small and medium sized enterprises.

Agricultural Loans

Agricultural loans are mainly loan extended for farming purposes.

Home Loans

This loan includes purchase of lot, house and lot, condo units or the like. It can also be used for major renovation and/or additional improvements to the existing house/unit.

Chattel Mortgage

A loan to purchase a new passenger car and secured by chattel mortgage on the same car.

Pension Loan

Teacher’s Loan

Loan Application Form

Checklist of Requirements

Secured with REM

  • TCT/OCT - free from lien and encumberences.
  • Certified xerox copy of the original on file with the ROD.
  • Certificate Authorizing Registration (CAR) - for titles registered on year 2002 and beyond.
  • Location Map/Sketch with vicinity map.
  • Latest Tax Declaration (OHA) - Lot
  • Latest Tax Declaration (OHA) - Improvements eg., House, Bldg., et al.
  • Real Estate Clearance/Receipt (Amilyar)
  • Picture of the property offered as collateral - at least two(2) copies taken on two(2) angles, colored.
  • Picture of borrower/s - 2x2 taken recently, signed at the back.
  • Tax Identification Number (TIN).
  • Residence Certificate.
  • Latest Income Tax Returns (ITR) - duly recived and stamped by the BIR.
  • Audited Financial Statements - to be updated annually (long term loan) loans amounting to 200k above.
  • Cash Flow Analysis.
  • Certificate of employment with compensation - Employee.
  • Last 3 Month’s of Pay Slip.
  • Contract of employment with compensation - OFW.
  • Fire Insurance.
  • Life Insurance.
  • Marriage Contract - for spouses.
  • 2 Valid ID with Picture - for verification.


The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas has approved the change of corporate name of the Rural Bank of Cabuyao, Inc. to "LAGUNA PRESTIGE BANKING CORPORATION, (A RURAL BANK)". The Bank has registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission its Amended Articles of Incorporation and Amended By-Laws bearing its new corporate name on 01 June 2011.


We, Prestige Bank family will be a major player in the developemnt and progress of our countryside

By providing timely credit and other financial services that suits the needs of our clients.

Annual Report

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